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Increase Job Posting Visibility with Google Structured Data

Increase your job posting visibility and reach by displaying your jobs within Google's index. In order to make this possible, you do so by adding job posting structured data to your job posting web pages. Structured data is a standardized json format to provide information on each of your job posting to allow google crawlers to read and index your job posting data.  Sample user experience in Google for displaying relevant jobs The standardized json job data structure requires a developer to embed this information in your web page code or you can use Jobbex Job Board software which automatically add Google structured data code for each job posting in addition to optimizing each job posting page for SEO. Once you have added structured data code for your job pages, you will still need to also notify google to start crawling your Job Board. Jobbex generates a sitemap with all your job postings and pings Google daily to pick up your sitemap to crawl and index.  At Jobbex, we partner wi