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Distribute your Jobs to facebook, Twitter and Linkedin

In today’s society, social media sites such as Twitter, facebook and Linkedin has become the go-to source for issuing information to a large audience. Companies are now taking note to these popular sites to reach out to users to not only providing information on products, services and news, but also launching or reestablishing their brand. Jobbex Job Board software offers a wide range of features to not only generate revenue, but also stand out in a competitive job market. You can now distribute your jobs to popular social media network sites via the use of the built-in RSS/XML feeds from your Jobbex Job Bard and free third-party APIs that will distribute the jobs automatically on your social network pages. To send your jobs to your Twitter and Linkedin account pages, try . the services will ask for your RSS feed, which is readily available on your Jobbex Job Board. Need help setting up your feed or signing up any of the services above? Contact us and we'll help you

Jobbex introduces Job Wrapping Service to Job Board Owners

Jobbex introduces job wrapping service to help job board owners automatically populate their job boards with job postings from employer’s websites. Job wrapping is an automated process that scrapes an employer’s website, ATS or other Job Boards then parses and exports the jobs directly to the Job board where these postings will appear. This process does not require any changes to the employer’s website or ATS nor does it require any changes to an existing Job Board database where the jobs are posted to. Benefits of this service to job board owners include increased job posting content, ability to provide a technical service that employers are looking for, and the ability to generate additional revenues by charging for job wrapping service. Benefits of automated job wrapping for employers are increased exposure to targeted candidates that are aggregated by niche job boards, hands free publishing, and decreased costs compared to manually posting individual jobs For a low monthly fee per