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Increase Job Posting Visibility with Google Structured Data

Increase your job posting visibility and reach by displaying your jobs within Google's index. In order to make this possible, you do so by adding job posting structured data to your job posting web pages. Structured data is a standardized json format to provide information on each of your job posting to allow google crawlers to read and index your job posting data.  Sample user experience in Google for displaying relevant jobs The standardized json job data structure requires a developer to embed this information in your web page code or you can use Jobbex Job Board software which automatically add Google structured data code for each job posting in addition to optimizing each job posting page for SEO. Once you have added structured data code for your job pages, you will still need to also notify google to start crawling your Job Board. Jobbex generates a sitemap with all your job postings and pings Google daily to pick up your sitemap to crawl and index.  At Jobbex, we partner wi

Distribute your Jobs to facebook, Twitter and Linkedin

In today’s society, social media sites such as Twitter, facebook and Linkedin has become the go-to source for issuing information to a large audience. Companies are now taking note to these popular sites to reach out to users to not only providing information on products, services and news, but also launching or reestablishing their brand. Jobbex Job Board software offers a wide range of features to not only generate revenue, but also stand out in a competitive job market. You can now distribute your jobs to popular social media network sites via the use of the built-in RSS/XML feeds from your Jobbex Job Bard and free third-party APIs that will distribute the jobs automatically on your social network pages. To send your jobs to your Twitter and Linkedin account pages, try . the services will ask for your RSS feed, which is readily available on your Jobbex Job Board. Need help setting up your feed or signing up any of the services above? Contact us and we'll help you

OFCCP add-on module now available for Jobbex

On October 7th, 2005 the Department of Labor, Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) issued a ruling on regulations that require federal contractors and subcontractors to collect gender, race, and ethnicity information from job applicants. The OFCCP monitors federal contractors to ensure that they provide equal employment opportunities without regard to race, gender, color, religion, national origin, disability and veterans' status. According to the OFCCP regulations, the length of time records must be kept depends on the size of the company and the contract it holds. For contractors who has fewer than 150 employees or does not have a Government contract of at least $150,000, the minimum record retention period shall be one year. Contractors with more than 150 employees and a contract of $150,000 are required to maintain the records for a period of two years. The Jobbex Job Board Software OFFCP add-on feature will enable our clients meet the OFCCP requirements by a

Backfill Your Job Board with Jobs

Job boards are increasingly recognizing the value of backfilling their job board results with results from job aggregators and large job boards such as Indeed, SimplyHired, CareerBuilder, and others. The idea is simple. Your job postings appear first, but after that, relevant results are back filled with job postings from the partner you integrate with for the backfill, providing more content for your users. The large job boards and aggregators simply index more jobs than most niche job boards can manually post or even sell, so it makes sense, as a resource to their users to offer as many jobs as possible. For many job board owners, backfilling jobs from another source helps them achieve their goals of providing content to job seekers and helping their job board stay successful. Although job backfill results may look different, depending on the source, they can each help job board owners populate their new or existing job board quickly and easily. Some backfill arrangements provide rev