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Backfill Your Job Board with Jobs

Job boards are increasingly recognizing the value of backfilling their job board results with results from job aggregators and large job boards such as Indeed, SimplyHired, CareerBuilder, and others. The idea is simple. Your job postings appear first, but after that, relevant results are back filled with job postings from the partner you integrate with for the backfill, providing more content for your users. The large job boards and aggregators simply index more jobs than most niche job boards can manually post or even sell, so it makes sense, as a resource to their users to offer as many jobs as possible. For many job board owners, backfilling jobs from another source helps them achieve their goals of providing content to job seekers and helping their job board stay successful. Although job backfill results may look different, depending on the source, they can each help job board owners populate their new or existing job board quickly and easily. Some backfill arrangements provide rev